Family Owned Property Services

Regardless of whether you are searching for a yearly profound clean to address those neglected regions, have visitors coming, are facilitating an extraordinary occasion, selling your home, or in the event that you are a Landlord and need to introduce your properties at their best, we are here to give a top to bottom clean when you need it most. At Florida Extreme Cleaning we realize each house is unique and there's nothing of the sort as a "one size fits all" arrangement. We are flexible with what you need cleaned and when it happens.

FEE: Varies to each house and any special services requested. A free estimate is provided.

Every Deep House Cleaning includes a detailed emphasis and focus on build-up with special attention to bathrooms and kitchens.


✔ Toilet scrubbed clean, disinfected
✔ Shower/tub scrubbed clean/shower glass cleaned
✔ Sinks hand-washed
✔ Counters hand-washed
✔ Mirrors cleaned and shined
✔ Fixtures cleaned and shined
✔ Floors hand washed
✔ Clean & sanitize trash cans
✔ Tile scrubbed clean


✔ Hand-wash backsplash
✔ Hand-wash cabinets and drawer exteriors
✔ Clean the interior and exterior of appliances
✔ Clean and sanitize the sink
✔ Hand-wash counters
✔ Wipe down tables and chairs
✔ Wash floor with special attention to corners
✔ Hand-wipe clean inside/outside of the trash can
✔ Remove trash, reline trash can
✔ Tidy up


✔ Dust and polish furniture
✔ Remove trash
✔ Clean and sanitize trash can, inside and out
✔ Remove dust from ceiling fan
✔ Wipe clean picture frames


✔ Wash wood floors, tile floors, vacuum carpets
✔ Dust and polish furniture
✔ Remove dust from blinds
✔ Remove dust from ceiling fans
✔ Remove smudges from light switch plates
✔ Remove smudges from doors
✔ Hand-wash inside and outside of trash cans
✔ Hand-wash window sills and sashes
✔ Hand-wash front door glass
✔ Pick up and straighten, remove trash
✔ Hand wash exposed baseboards
✔ Remove cobwebs
✔ Airco vents dusted/wiped down
✔ Shutters or blinds wiped down