Family Owned Property Services

Regardless of whether you own a second home in South West Florida, an occasional occupant, will be away for an extended period of time, or simply need assistance dealing with your home, Florida Extreme Cleaning offers an involved property management approach. Our customers start things out, and we will proactively deal with routine assignments and little issues before they become more pressing issues. We will watch out for your home to give you significant serenity that your house is all around focused on. Customized services include:

Fee: Call for a free quote

  • Water meter reading
  • Electricity meter reading
  • Check circuit breaker for tripped circuits
  • Check toilets to make sure they are not running or leaking
  • Run faucets, check under sinks and near washing machine and dish washer for water leaks
  • Check ceilings for leaks
  • Check irrigation computers (batteries and unscheduled running)
  • Look for termites, bugs and rodents
    • Dispose of bugs/rodents
    • Coordinate 3 rd party pest service (additional fee)
  • Check pool
    • Cleanliness and look for signs of mold
    • Confirm water level and add if necessary
    • Coordinate 3 rd party pool service (additional fee)
  • Check garden
    • Cleanliness and look for obvious plant issues
    • Coordinate 3 rd party garden service (additional fee)
  • Propane tanks: Check they are there/check for leaks/turn off if customer requests
  •  Security
    • Look for any sign of break in/check all entry points
    • Coordinate with police and 3 rd party security service (additional fee)
  • Look for any obvious problems
  • Check mail and place in home if owner requests
  • Run dishwasher: to prevent insect activity and prevent gasket from drying out
  • Inspection of vehicles: start vehicles to prevent dead battery
  • Check smoke alarms and replace batteries as supplied by owner
  • Check outside faucets
  • Check irrigation heads
  • Act as an emergency contact for security system
  • Coordinate access to all 3 rd party services: meet vendors, provide access, provide updates to owner if requested
  • Email results to homeowner

Please contact us to discuss any special needs.